Welcome to my little corner of the interwebs. My name is Elijah McKinnon. Some people call me Eli, it's a social experiment similar to this one (ssssshhh).  I'm an independent brand consultant + side-project-preneur (yes, I'm very serious).  When I'm not dreaming I spend  a majority of my time helping people create, organize and sustain their digital presence. Sometimes I moonlight as a journalist, art director, producer, host, and speaker.

 Since I see the world through a strategic design lens I strongly believe that problems are pleasant opportunities waiting to be discovered. My curiosity encourages me to seek challenges. I'm deeply rooted in many different communities - art & design, tech, fashion, publishinglgbtq - in an attempt to encourage resource sharing, meaningful relationships and equality. 

In short, I'm a people person that loves to tell stories and connect the dots of life. I drink way too much coffee and consume a lot of garlic. Need more info and/or wanna start something meaningful? Let's get Google involved: eli.mckinnon1@gmail.com 


tinyletter | i write notes about my life & such as a young, queer, black male here

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medium | i write articles about creative stuff happening in the world here

instagram | i take (decent) photos with my iPhone 6 here.

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