Quicks notes about my life & such as a young, queer, black creative attempting to thrive in this world. Published through my TinyLetter


We survived another year filled with an abundant amount of light and magic. Isn't it beautiful? 
Light and magic; a fine combination indeed. 
Ah yes, another year, but I still feel like the same ole queer.
Various themes invade the aether: sustainability, clarity, legacy.  
Are you "playing" it safe? Relinquish comfort to find power.  
When's the last time you took a risk? Resistance is always disguised as fear.
Perspective: the fall is terrifying but the climb back up is galvanizing. 
Reframe the question. Say yes with zeal. Start thinking about your legacy. 
You are as powerful as the change you want to see in the world. 
Ardor: life & such is happening. 


**notes about my life & such as a young, queer, black creative attempting to thrive.