Quicks notes about my life & such as a young, queer, black creative attempting to thrive in this world. Published through my TinyLetter


I will never release my dreams of a utopic society. 
I'm a dreamer; most of them are far-fetched but I wouldn't have it any other way. 
Humanity is first. What are you contributing to the betterment of society? 
Your legacy is waiting for you, but not for long. Be weary of distractions. 
Slow down and enjoy it all. Someone needs you; make space for them. 
Be present. Turn soft and lovely anytime you have a chance. Satiate your appetite with glee.
Release your expectations. Pass the sugar. Search for the unexpected. Iterate.
Strength: life & such is happening. 


**notes about my life & such as a young, queer, black creative attempting to thrive. 

Elijah McKinnon